About Me

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HUAHUA is created by Hua Wang, a Boston based silversmith and artist. All products are designed and fabricated by Hua.


Hua's Artist statement:




    My work begins from my daily life and explores my existence as a woman in human society as well as the natural world. I often feel that I am a small module in this vast universe. The world is constantly inputting into me, and I try to work it out and create output in return. I observe the chaotic world and extract nourishment from all the noises. By documenting, interrogating, researching, and designing, I try to transform a fleeting moment of conflict or balance into something that can last forever. I hope my work can serve as a small stone that causes ripples in the pond of people's minds.

    Through painting, jewelry, and sculpture, I turn the words I want to say and the moments I want to remember into physical objects. I treasure the touch of my hands on the objects. Making things is not only a meditation but also a time of growth for me. As the work gradually evolves, I am also developing. I believe besides the radical or insightful meanings, the energy of art objects comes from the tenderness and time the maker pours into them. The words I want to say, together with my unstoppable hands, construct my art.

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